Case Study

The organisation had to reposition its products and sales to respond to changing external pressures. In a volatile market, change needed to be achieved quickly to retain its market position. This repositioning required a reduction in headcount of highly trained technical staff, while other parts of the business were performing well and growing.

Key Business Needs

  • Making redundancies in some sections of the business while others were experiencing growth.
  • Managing a redundancy process over a short time period, involving staff with projects still to complete.
  • Supporting individuals throughout the redundancy process and preparing them to re-enter the employment market.
  • Delivering a redundancy process in an organisation made up largely of specialists, not suited to off-the-shelf or classroom-based interventions.
  • Achieving a reduction in headcount without compromising external reputation or undermining morale among remaining staff.

The Approach

Viewpoint HR designed and implemented a bespoke programme of personal support, career management and outplacement support for individuals affected by redundancy. The programme was designed to ensure positive position in the market place for the individuals and the organisation.

  • An on-site programme was implemented, focussing on one-to-one support for individuals.
  • A personalised support agenda drawn up for each person.
  • CV preparation, job applications, mock interviews, psychometric testing were all part of the programme. Individuals were provided with challenging and constructive feedback to help them position themselves and prepare for the demands of the employment market.


  • 90% of individuals had found new employment positions by the time they were made redundant.
  • Positive feedback on the programme by all the participants.