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Recruit your A team

How to attract the best applicants and recruit the right people Recruiting the right people is easier said than done. If you Google search ‘wrong recruitment costs’, the results are terrifying – according to the CIPD, taking the upfront and hidden costs, its estimated at 2.5 times annual salary. Flip it on its head, and…


Viewpoint HR - team management

Team management

Get the best out of your team and become an ultra productive business owner Good for you. You made the leap into becoming a business owner – possibly one of the 660,000* recent new company start-ups. Alternatively, you are an entrepreneur with several years growing a business. The sizes differ, but the ambitions of being…


Having difficult conversations

Say what you mean and mean what you say Meeting with colleagues to tell them you are not happy with a serious “something” is amongst the most problematic. It’s easy to talk ourselves out of having the conversation – but not tackling significant performance issues will backfire in the long run. These 5 steps will…


Time management

Become an ultra productive time manager 27% of small business owners think poor time management is why they spend so much time on tasks which don’t help them build their business and 19% think they need to prioritise their profit making tasks*…   So just imagine if you had one extra hour a week… One…


Managing Performance

Managing Performance Performance management is usually associated with sorting out a difficult people situation that will take time and not be a very positive experience. No wonder the phrase performance management strikes fear into the heart of even the most experienced business owners! But do not despair. Performance management techniques will have a positive impact…