Giving feedback

Giving feedback like a pro Saturday nights in winter, full of sequins sparkling and the comments flying as celebrities dance in front of an audience of millions with the confidence of a pro. A real example how quality feedback (and help from the costumes) can result in significant performance improvement.   Here are some of…


Meeting skills

Make your meetings more productive Was the first formal meeting held around a campfire in the African Savannahs to decide the homo sapiens’s relocation policy? Probably. We have progressed from this first imaginary meeting to research from a European survey of 2,000 employees in the UK, France and Germany which found the typical staff member…


Making change happen

Making change management easier Leading significant change was around prior to BREXIT (apologies but had to incorporate the word somewhere). Our political leaders might not be good role models, but as business leaders we know the importance of working with our teams to understand why the change is happening, and how the change will take…


a team

Recruit your A team

How to attract the best applicants and recruit the right people Recruiting the right people is easier said than done. If you Google search ‘wrong recruitment costs’, the results are terrifying – according to the CIPD, taking the upfront and hidden costs, its estimated at 2.5 times annual salary. Flip it on its head, and…


Viewpoint HR - team management

Team management

Get the best out of your team and become an ultra productive business owner Good for you. You made the leap into becoming a business owner – possibly one of the 660,000* recent new company start-ups. Alternatively, you are an entrepreneur with several years growing a business. The sizes differ, but the ambitions of being…


Having difficult conversations

Say what you mean and mean what you say Meeting with colleagues to tell them you are not happy with a serious “something” is amongst the most problematic. It’s easy to talk ourselves out of having the conversation – but not tackling significant performance issues will backfire in the long run. These 5 steps will…


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